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“Nothing is scarier than nothing.”

Did you know that a major industry has grown up around getting us all to hate our president?  There were five hate books produced against George Bush.  We now have over 60 produced to cause us to fear and hate President Obama.

We received a hate video at our home yesterday which portrays our president as the devil out of deepest, darkest Africa.  How desperate are those who feel the need to discredit Obama at every turn?  VERY!  They are certain they can buy this election with their fear mongering, and they just might be right.

If they had any interest in reality, they would know that Obama never lived in Africa, and basically never knew his Kenyan father.  He met him twice for a few days in his early childhood, and then when he was ten.

But pure and simple racism gathers an easy audience among the uneducated.  The Koch brothers, the third richest billionaires in America, are bankrolling this effort to make us fear and hate our own president, as Obama struggles against an obstructionist Congress and hate-mongers everywhere, to bring us out of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

In contrast, the expert propagandists have created an artificial dichotomy, one which tells us that Romney is a safer, whiter choice for America.

I have to wonder how many of those voting this year know anything about the history or power of the Mormon Church?  How many truly understand what Mitt Romney represents in terms of a woman’s right to control her own body?  How many know that Mitt’s grandfather had 5 wives and 30 children, and had to move to Mexico to avoid prosecution as a polygamist?

I have lived in Utah and seen the world that Mormonism hopes to create, and frankly, it scares me!  In my only experience living in a complete theocracy, I learned that barefoot and pregnant is still alive and well in that culture.  Women there are brainwashed to marry by age 20 and then quickly begin producing at least five Mormon kids, which they then raise in the faith.  If you don’t believe me, go read Ann Romney’s life story.

To the Mormons, Mitt’s election equals the next step in their fight to dominate America and then the world, and in case you don’t understand what’s going on here, this equals a giant step backwards for all social justice in our country.

To learn more about the Obama Hate Machine, check out this book.


For those of you unschooled in what Mormonism really is, please allow me to inform you.

Where did I accumulate my information?  Three years of living in Salt Lake City, and talking days on end to the son of one of the foremost Mormon historians.

Most importantly, Mormonism historically is one the most racist and sexist religions in American history.  If you live there for any length of time, you will realize Salt Lake City is one of the most homogeneous populations of what I would call, American white people.  Why?  Because other races were seen as unclean and intermarrying with them was forbidden by the Church.

They have a history of maintaining racial purity, better known as inbreeding.  To quote the famous Mormon autobiography, A Mormon Mother, the women were taught early that being the third or fourth wife of a good Mormon man is much preferable to marrying a non-Mormon.  And they did a great job of convincing the women to marry the limited number of Mormon men.  Social ostracism was a powerful tool out in the wilds of the Utah territory, and worked well for the men!

My most memorable cartoon from my Salt Lake City days was a picture of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the caption, “Let’s all sing ‘get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in bed!”

That pretty much summarizes their view of women, whose only purpose is creating  lots more Mormons.  Please note the long and varied ‘career’ of Ann Romney as the best example of this way of thinking.

Mormonism today is not so different than most other types of early brainwashing worldwide, the purpose being to tell you at every decision point in your life what you will do next. The LDS Church today is controlled by a few old, and of course MALE leaders, who enjoy having power over the Mormon masses.  It all rather reminds me of the various methods of mind control used historically by Mao and the Chinese Communist government.

Thus the emphasis on high school, go on a mission, finish college, at least for the men, and then go into business and make lots of money, so you can give 10% to the Mormon Church, which is today estimated at at least 25 to 30 billion dollars, more than many Fortune 500 corporations.

But this population is homogenous in another important way.  When the Church says vote Republicans, every single member does, like an army of automatons.  No thinking required here!  When I lived there, Utah went 95% Republican.

Do you want your country controlled by non-thinking sexist robots?  I have never witnessed such a homophobic, sexist theocracy in my entire life, and it scared me!

For a different and funny take on who Mitt Romney is, check out this NYT piece by David Brooks, a conservative commentator.