Would it be too much for Congress to actually do something now, after doing absolutely NOTHING for the past four years?

It seems the Republicans, who said their only purpose was to dump Obama, have failed miserably.  That is why they have stood in the way of ever attempt at progress on improving our economy, stabilizing the jobless rate, or lowering the deficit for the past four years.

And it is only because they cannot put off doing their job any longer, that they are now squawking about how hard it is.

My response?  Yes, your job is difficult.  That’s why you get all that great free health care and get paid the BIG BUCKS!  Now get your shit together and DO SOMETHING!

Quit giving the richest Americans the best tax breaks, while trying to figure out how to make the poorest among us pay more.

News Flash: Those living on very little or social security will not be your best source for building up revenue.  You have bled them dry now.

I know you and your rich friends sure hate to pay taxes, but hey, it is for a good cause… the future of your own country.  Time to find a little Christmas generosity and patriotism inside!

This is not brain surgery, which is a good thing because Congress has certainly proven that they are not the sharpest pencils in the box.

Unfortunately, Congress does not understand or represent the circumstances of most Americans today.  Most in Congress are millionaires, but they have also proven, again and again, they are not particularly good at understanding basic math.