Laura Lee Carter believes there ARE do-overs before it’s all over…

She worked as a research librarian for 25 years before leaving academe to become a writer, psychotherapist and speaker.   She holds three graduate degrees including one in counseling, with a specialty  in midlife psychology.

In 2004 she started her own dating service, called up the old boyfriend from college, found love for the first time, and since then has worked as a writer, sharing her own unique take on the difficult psychological changes brought on by being in the middle of life.

She began her life as a blogger back in 2007 as the Midlife Crisis Queen, after going through her own version of the magic midlife trifecta: divorce, job loss and career loss.   She somehow knew it was time to do EVERYTHING different!

Through her blogs, books, psychotherapy and speaking engagements, Laura now helps others confront the crazy changes brought on by “midlife madness,” and finally embrace the important opportunities well hidden within this time of change.

Please feel free to contact her for coaching, advertising opportunities, and speaking engagements at: