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In case you missed it, billionaires worldwide put all of their money behind buying the presidency this week, and were angry and truly astounded to find that it did not work.  How could they have God and billions on their side and still lose?

Just to be clear about what really happened here, Obama won a larger margin of the U.S. popular vote than JFK, or Nixon, or Carter, or George Bush in either of his elections.

If Florida finally goes democratic, Obama will have won 332 electoral votes, and over 3 million more votes than Romney in the popular vote.

It is quite fun to watch the “conservative” pundits grovel around now, trying over and over again to make the point that this is no mandate from the people.  However, when you have spent millions upon millions to buy the vote, and you still lose by this much, I say there is some important message here.

John Nichols, a writer for Nation magazine, sees this election as a referendum on austerity and reform, and hopes that the president understands that the people fully understood the choices before them. This was a conscious choice to push back against right wing economics, and various other limitations on our freedom.

The progressive agenda is to pass legislation that benefits ALL of the people, not just the richest or most powerful among us.  We demand that secret sources of corporate and big money get out of politics, and let the people decide their own fate.

The American people are smart enough to control our own government and do not need those richer than us to tell us what we want.


It seems there’s nothing quite like a gigantic natural disaster to get just about everyone behind the idea of government!  Check out Romney’s most recent about face. 

I know we learned the hard way here in Colorado this past summer when we lost over 500 homes in gigantic unpredictable wildfires!

Funny how most of us don’t have access to wildfire fighting helicopters, properly trained personnel or, say, the Coast Guard when hurricanes hit.  But we sure are glad when the unexpected happens!

That’s what government and being prepared is all about.  But then we cannot expect someone running for the presidency to understand that!  Especially someone who instead expects the Mormon Church to assist in disasters.

“Nothing is scarier than nothing.”

Did you know that a major industry has grown up around getting us all to hate our president?  There were five hate books produced against George Bush.  We now have over 60 produced to cause us to fear and hate President Obama.

We received a hate video at our home yesterday which portrays our president as the devil out of deepest, darkest Africa.  How desperate are those who feel the need to discredit Obama at every turn?  VERY!  They are certain they can buy this election with their fear mongering, and they just might be right.

If they had any interest in reality, they would know that Obama never lived in Africa, and basically never knew his Kenyan father.  He met him twice for a few days in his early childhood, and then when he was ten.

But pure and simple racism gathers an easy audience among the uneducated.  The Koch brothers, the third richest billionaires in America, are bankrolling this effort to make us fear and hate our own president, as Obama struggles against an obstructionist Congress and hate-mongers everywhere, to bring us out of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

In contrast, the expert propagandists have created an artificial dichotomy, one which tells us that Romney is a safer, whiter choice for America.

I have to wonder how many of those voting this year know anything about the history or power of the Mormon Church?  How many truly understand what Mitt Romney represents in terms of a woman’s right to control her own body?  How many know that Mitt’s grandfather had 5 wives and 30 children, and had to move to Mexico to avoid prosecution as a polygamist?

I have lived in Utah and seen the world that Mormonism hopes to create, and frankly, it scares me!  In my only experience living in a complete theocracy, I learned that barefoot and pregnant is still alive and well in that culture.  Women there are brainwashed to marry by age 20 and then quickly begin producing at least five Mormon kids, which they then raise in the faith.  If you don’t believe me, go read Ann Romney’s life story.

To the Mormons, Mitt’s election equals the next step in their fight to dominate America and then the world, and in case you don’t understand what’s going on here, this equals a giant step backwards for all social justice in our country.

To learn more about the Obama Hate Machine, check out this book.

I kid you not, I just read a comment attached to an article about Mrs. Clinton taking full responsibility for the Benghazi attack.

Here it is:

“The truth is from day one Obama tried to claim that the attacks on 9/11 had nothing to do with his foreign policy, which was and is a bald faced lie designed to spin this into something other than what it was. This attack had everything to do with his foreign policy, and anyone who buy his line of BS deserves pity for being so naive.”

[HINT:  The Republicans under Bush were in charge from 2000-2008.  They famously ignored the excellent intelligence which  predicted a terrorist attack against America, culminating in 9/11.  And as far as I can see, the Republicans never had the integrity to stand up and take full responsibility for any of it.         Nice job protecting us!]

OK folks, this is the kind of stupidity we’re up against!  You cannot make this stuff up!

The latest from the Romney camp: blaming the President for not knowing exactly what was happening at every moment over at the Benghazi Consulate before the terrorist attack.

We may be a fantastically advanced country, but do we know what is happening everywhere in the world at every minute?  No.

Here’s some background information on the overall Libyan situation from the NYT. 

Of course Mitt’s approach is always: Talk first, think later…and please DON’T CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS!

Here’s the deal.  If Mitt insists on blaming President Obama for allowing that attack to happen in Libya, than we can all blame President Bush for what happened in NYC and at the Pentagon here on 9/11!  He had lots of warnings and ignored them all!  Nice job Bush!

Good to know we can trust the Republicans with our national security!

I realized during the first presidential debate that Mitt can really say anything, because he has no record to stand by or defend.  He is the original flip flopper on every issue under the sun, so why wouldn’t he say anything to get elected?

He was the governor of Massachusetts but there he helped to pass Obamacare-like health insurance, requiring all to participate.  Now he’s against the idea of us all having access to healthcare.

He was also pro-choice, and now he’s against all abortions because of the anti-women Mormon Church.

He said he has no respect for those of us in the “47%” but now he says he didn’t mean that either.    The man has quite the record of standing for everything and nothing all at once!

For a much more detailed expose on exactly how many times he has contradicted himself in his short political life, go watch this excellent FRONTLINE video!  BTW, there you will learn he protested FOR the Vietnam War!

MITT, I have a question for you:

How do you spell DESPERATE FOR POWER, and will say anything to get there? 

The man really scares me!  He has no convictions or integrity.  He just wants more power for the Mormon Church.

I think I’ve finally figured out why most Americans aren’t responding well to Mitt these days.

Besides the fact that he’s stinking rich, and determined to get richer at the expense of the less fortunate in the U.S., he always says nothing when he speaks, and in a very inauthentic way.

I am a psychotherapist who spends a lot of my time reading other people, and to me, he always comes across as completely inauthentic in his demeanor and in what he says.

Sure he can say he’s going to create millions of jobs or fix our economy, but why believe him?  Anyone can say what they want to accomplish, but then there’s that pesky reality.

We all know no one controls the world economy, any more than the world’s weather.  The problems we face today are global and mostly predictable.

Machines are replacing human labor and taking away millions of jobs.  This was predictable.  Now how do we react in useful ways?  Will our children ever find gainful employment?  I have my doubts…

Here we go again with the disparaging comments about our country…

Thanks for telling us how you really feel, Mitt!

“There are 47% of the people who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.  That’s an entitlement…”

How presumptuous of us who feel “entitled to health care, to food, and to housing.”  Yes, 60% of us do have jobs but don’t make enough to qualify for paying taxes, 40% are disabled and/or elderly living off their hard earned Social Security checks.  But let’s throw the bums out in the streets, or better yet, kill them off, so we don’t have to support them.

Please tell us,  Mr. Hitler, what else you would like to change about America?

Funniest comment on Romney’s latest debacle:

Mitt: “If I were president those people would still be alive, because I would have laid them off long ago and outsourced their jobs to a Chinese rice farmer who I pay $1 a day.”

Well, Mitt has done it again!  He took his foot and placed it firmly in his mouth yesterday!

In midst of a national security emergency, with our Embassy officers lives at stake because of a possible Al Qaeda attack on our consulate in Libya, he decided he should attack our government.  BRILLIANT!

This is probably a good time to admit, Mitt scares the crap out of me!  You know how the Mormons are all survivalist?  With their supplies all prepared in those gigantic warehouses?  If Mitt gets elected, I have a bad feeling we will all need them!

Armageddon seems to be his personal goal.

How unpatriotic can you get Mitt?  How many more of America’s brave young people do YOU want to die in the Middle East?