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Alas, I tire of writing for free on the Internet…

This EXCELLENT opinion piece put me over the edge!

Don’t know what’s next for me, but I do know I’m in transition once again…


A tiny piece of my mind about this “government shutdown.”  Don’t negotiate with terrorists!

When accused in a book review of being a “Debbie Downer” for reviewing the research and stating the facts about boomer reality, how could I not respond?

After over fifty years of it, what is all of this commercialism doing to our brains???

Jerk whisperer

“In 100 pages, with an intriguing bibliography, this is a quick but comprehensive overview of our generation at this moment in the 21st century.  Carter’s telling is at once realistic and optimistic—and her own story is living proof. 

‘Why did I write this book?’ she asks in her prologue, and then answers with a quote from Joan Baez:  ‘Action is the greatest antidote to despair.’ 

Carter never looks at our generation through rosy glasses.  Her even- handed reporting and clear and compassionate writing help me understand the challenges and opportunities we all face.  Thank you.”               – Carrie Tuhy

Find Your Reason to Be Here: The Search For Meaning in Midlife is where I share what I have learned from years of research into the psychological legacy of boomers, where the idea of ‘midlife’ came from, and how boomers can make the most of this unique new stage of emotional development. I feel it is the best I have ever produced.

To learn more about mastering difficult life transitions you might enjoy my book: Midlife Magic: Becoming The Person You Are Inside!   To find a new faith in love try: How to Believe In Love Again.

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Nora Ephron and trouble

Ironically, I have been struggling with issues around finding personal meaning, while producing a book with the sub-title: The Search for Meaning in Midlife.

First the editing process was brutal.  My editor took twice as long to edit it, so it cost twice as much as previous volumes, and along the way I lost sight of why I do what I do.  The cost and mental torture of just getting it out the door, made me doubt my purpose.

I’m afraid we all know this feeling if we’ve been a writer for long.  We start out certain that we have something important to say, and we love having the freedom to say it through the various new mediums available for the first time in human history.  But that does not mean we don’t suffer massive self-doubt at times.

For weeks after producing my new book I criticized myself for even trying.  I felt bad, feeling like the whole thing was a waste of money.  I’m certain my fluctuating hormones played no small part in all this.

But now I have come to my senses.  I fear that I was actually starting to censor myself.  This work is the best I have ever produced.  It summarizes most of what I have learned in studying the experience of midlife from the inside out.  It explains what happens to our hearts and our brains in midlife, especially in combination with being raised in the time of the boomer generation.  And then shows us how to combat these challenging emotions, and succeed in becoming our best selves in spite of the many factors which may work against us.

I know now I am happy and so proud to have produced this work with my name on the front of it.  Regardless of all other factors including sales statistics, this is the work I needed to produce to honor my brother who did not survive the difficult vicissitudes of midlife.

Find Your Reason Cover smallMy new book: Find Your Reason to Be Here: The Search for Meaning in Midlife  is out! 

This is the research project I have been working on for the past few years!  Here I share essential information for boomers, those anticipating midlife, and the parents of boomers who want to understand their children better. 

Learn what’s normal and to-be-expected, and how to make the MOST of your middle years. This book includes so much new research on what boomers share emotionally, how they compare to their parents, where the idea of “midlife” came from, and the exciting new rite of passage we are experiencing for the first time in human history!

Click here to purchase your own copy,  and please do write a review on Amazon for me!