Back when I lived in Salt Lake City in the early 1980s, we had a saying:

“If ignorance is BLISS, than Utah’s UTOPIA!”

This was in reference to the Mormon view that if they did not teach their children about sex, the kids would never figure it out.  That was the reasoning behind their opposition to sex education.

On Tuesday I saw an interesting PBS Frontline called: Climate of Doubt.  Here you will learn how those who fear science and choose to ignore scientific proof, have “proven” that climate change is not occurring.

Come to find out, many of the leaders of this movement were on Exxon-Mobil’s propaganda payroll.  In case you were wondering, their “thinking” (and I use that term loosely) goes something like this:  Why use free, clean sources of energy like the sun and wind, when you can keep Exxon-Mobil rolling in dough until the oil and gas runs out?

These masters of tea party propaganda and what I like to call the new “Anti-intelligence Movement” ascribe to the “Drill Baby Drill” approach to everything in their lives.

Would you like to see another example of their intellectual prowess?  A Cornell scientist who just asked the question: “Is the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas extraction from shale [i.e. fracking] greater than that of other fossil fuels, including coal?” was deluged with PERSONAL ATTACKS.

“It got real personal, real fast,” he said. “Merely asking the question, which is what we did in our first paper, precipitated tremendous blow back, not against the science but against us personally.”

Please note, most of these tea party intellectual giants have expertise in nothing and are over age 60 or 70.  Apparently they think:

Climate change?  Not my problem!”

The most telling part of the Frontline expose came at the end, when the reporter confronted one tea party advocate, an elderly man with the question: “What if you’re wrong?”  No, he didn’t say “Then too bad for the human race…” but something along those lines.

My opinion on this topic is simple.  Regardless of what any of us say on this subject, the earth will continue to do what it wants.

Funny how it does not give a damn what we think.  So glad I chose not to have children…