I realized during the first presidential debate that Mitt can really say anything, because he has no record to stand by or defend.  He is the original flip flopper on every issue under the sun, so why wouldn’t he say anything to get elected?

He was the governor of Massachusetts but there he helped to pass Obamacare-like health insurance, requiring all to participate.  Now he’s against the idea of us all having access to healthcare.

He was also pro-choice, and now he’s against all abortions because of the anti-women Mormon Church.

He said he has no respect for those of us in the “47%” but now he says he didn’t mean that either.    The man has quite the record of standing for everything and nothing all at once!

For a much more detailed expose on exactly how many times he has contradicted himself in his short political life, go watch this excellent FRONTLINE video!  BTW, there you will learn he protested FOR the Vietnam War!

MITT, I have a question for you:

How do you spell DESPERATE FOR POWER, and will say anything to get there? 

The man really scares me!  He has no convictions or integrity.  He just wants more power for the Mormon Church.