I think I’ve finally figured out why most Americans aren’t responding well to Mitt these days.

Besides the fact that he’s stinking rich, and determined to get richer at the expense of the less fortunate in the U.S., he always says nothing when he speaks, and in a very inauthentic way.

I am a psychotherapist who spends a lot of my time reading other people, and to me, he always comes across as completely inauthentic in his demeanor and in what he says.

Sure he can say he’s going to create millions of jobs or fix our economy, but why believe him?  Anyone can say what they want to accomplish, but then there’s that pesky reality.

We all know no one controls the world economy, any more than the world’s weather.  The problems we face today are global and mostly predictable.

Machines are replacing human labor and taking away millions of jobs.  This was predictable.  Now how do we react in useful ways?  Will our children ever find gainful employment?  I have my doubts…