Funniest comment on Romney’s latest debacle:

Mitt: “If I were president those people would still be alive, because I would have laid them off long ago and outsourced their jobs to a Chinese rice farmer who I pay $1 a day.”

Well, Mitt has done it again!  He took his foot and placed it firmly in his mouth yesterday!

In midst of a national security emergency, with our Embassy officers lives at stake because of a possible Al Qaeda attack on our consulate in Libya, he decided he should attack our government.  BRILLIANT!

This is probably a good time to admit, Mitt scares the crap out of me!  You know how the Mormons are all survivalist?  With their supplies all prepared in those gigantic warehouses?  If Mitt gets elected, I have a bad feeling we will all need them!

Armageddon seems to be his personal goal.

How unpatriotic can you get Mitt?  How many more of America’s brave young people do YOU want to die in the Middle East?