In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, a political reporter summarized for me exactly what is so confusing about politics in American today.  He used the example of our present health insurance-based system versus health care under the President’s new, and as yet untried Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. 

He said opponents of the new system call it socialized medicine, but in fact, that is what we have now.  Most of us have health insurance, and we pay for everyone else who comes into the emergency room without coverage.  How unfair!

Under the new plan, everyone is required to pay as much as they can to maintain coverage for themselves, spreading the costs across the entire nation, not just those who feel responsible for their own health and choose to pay.

It has always seemed to me that the Republicans would get behind this program, because it rewards taking personal responsibility for your own health.

Our system is full of misunderstandings like this.  What a struggle to even begin to understand it all!