There’s nothing more refreshing, to those of us living on no health insurance and less than $40,000/year, than hearing the millionaires complain.

Ann Romney is the first to say, her life hasn’t been easy.  No storybook marriage for her!  It seems MS and breast cancer do not respect class differences.  Imagine that.

Yes, I am sorry she has had to suffer through such difficult diseases.  HOWEVER, to quote one of my previous posts: “Being a millionaire a few times over must be awfully helpful when coping with chronic illness.”

This sort of “poor me I’m a millionaire” crap drives me NUTS!  Especially when her husband plans to take away our only access to health insurance if he’s elected!  Where would Ann be with her obviously pre-existing conditions, without Mitt’s millions?

These celebrities live in their billionaire bubbles without a clue about what is happening in the world around them.   Chances are Ann and I’s experiences living with chronic illness are not comparable.  And the way she uses her illness to say she is just like me, literally makes me sick!

It looks to me like this next election will focus on class differences in the U.S.

To that I say, “BRING IT ON!”