The Republicans keep saying they are against class warfare in the U.S., probably because they know they will lose.  I’m thinking there are a lot more Americans who make less than $250,000 per year than make more.

Not so for generational warfare though!  Check out their new proposal for Medicare reform.  They have proposed a budget which directly pits those 55+ against those under 55, mistakenly assuming that the younger ones won’t notice when they lose Medicare altogether. Now we all know that if Medicare gets trashed after the last one of us turns 55, it will be trashes long before that.

Here we have one of the most successful programs in American history.  Ask the millions who depend on it everyday to survive in retirement.  Even most Republicans take advantage of it and love it!  But their plan is to do a switcheroo and trade it in for a $7,000 per year voucher towards health care costs.

If you happen to live in the real world, you know $7,000 is NOTHING when it comes to real medical expenses today, especially as we age.  After eight decades of perfect health, my Dad required two major surgeries last year, racking up a $200,000 bill easy.

I know we all have to tighten our belts and reform Medicare to some extent, but not on the backs of the younger generation.