Am I the only one in America who cringes every time I hear those Romney commercials about how horrible our economy is, and how he’s just the guy to fix it?

I swear he and his friends cheer every time another one of us loses our job!  Exactly how short does he think our memories are?

Let’s go over this!  Hum, I wonder how our economy got so messed up?  Could it be that George Bush didn’t have a clue what he was doing???  Could deregulation of Wall Street have anything to do with it?

I have yet to meet one person who thinks that those who manipulate the stock market to screw us all out of our hard earned money, are our friends.  The ego and arrogance of the rich is totally out of  control.  Please note the brilliant behavior of the offshore billionaire club.

Now Romney, the BEST representative of capitalism gone wild, says he understands my pain.  What drug is he on, because I think I want some of that!

Say what you will about Obama, the bottom line is he sincerely does not want to see this country go down the tubes while the richest American take off with all the cash.  Especially those of us over age 50, who have watched the rich get richer while our jobs disappear overseas, KNOW that that whole trickle down theory is BULL!