OK, I’m just going to have to say something now.  The mainstream media’s relentless focus on the Aurora Theater Shooting here in Colorado is driving me MAD!

Yes, I understand the whole “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality, not that I like it. But I have to wonder how is it good for any of us to focus day after day 24/7 on the needless deaths of so many young people? I am suffering from battle fatigue and I have pretty much stopped watching TV news altogether!

This makes me wonder about why people go into TV “journalism.”  Imagine spending all of your time focused on the nastiest happenings on the planet day after day.  How does that make you feel about life on earth?  This constant focus on the worst in people must jade your perspective on just about everything!

Listening to the saddest stories does not improve my day.  In fact it makes me wonder why bother, thus helping to explain the ever increasing depression rate among Baby Boomers compared to their parents.  Those in their middle years or midlife worldwide are suffering from depression like never before.  We are also the FIRST generation raised on 24/7 worldwide news coverage

A 2008 international study revealed:  Data analysis on two million people from 80 different countries found a remarkably consistent pattern around the world.  The risk for depression was highest among those in their middle years.

I recommend taking regular news breaks, especially if things are already tough in your personal life.  Who needs to take on the world’s problems on top of your own, especially when we can do nothing about any of it.