In another stunning political contradiction in American politics, the Republicans, who say they are against government regulation, keep trying to make more rules about what I shouldn’t be doing.

Does this make any sense to you?

I just noticed how similar the issues of gay marriage, abortion, and medical marijuana truly are, and it seems the same people are telling me these things are bad, and want to make them unavailable to all of us.

As previously noted, how we as a country can decide that everyone has the right to get married except for “those people” is beyond me.  After all, isn’t this country supposed to be the “Land of the Free?”

Abortion is a simple case of my uterus, my decision, your uterus, your decision.

Medical marijuana is becoming a moot point, because it will soon be legalized.  Why?  Over 40,000 Americans died in 2009 from drinking alcohol, either from liver disease or accidents or alcohol-related homicides, not so much for medical marijuana… 

Now add in the amazing discoveries other countries are making into the medical benefits of THC, and I’m thinking there may be a lot of Republicans who are going to wish they have access to  THC-related drugs when they are in extreme pain from cancer, chemo, etc. etc.

Cancer and other chronic illnesses are in most of our futures.  Give that some thought.  Wouldn’t you like to know you have access to the best medical care, whatever it takes?  Oxycodone  and morphine are both now available for pain management, but not marijuana?  Say what?

Marriage is not bad for me, abortion is totally my business, and our contradictions in terms of marijuana and it’s amazing potential medical uses are absolutely absurd!