Now that the smoke has cleared a bit (get it? I live in COLORADO…)  I have to ask one more time, why I have to pay for everyone else who chooses not to carry their own insurance?  I believe everyone paying for their own health care is a fair and conservative approach.

Here are the facts:  Everyone needs health care, and it sure isn’t free by any stretch of the imagination!  Now, those of us who pay for our own health insurance pay two to three times as much as we should have to, because we must cover those who simply choose to be irresponsible and pretend they will never get sick.

“Conservatives” tell us that the present system is quite fair, and they want it to stay this way forever.  I believe I should not have to pay for everyone who chooses not to carry their own insurance.   I believe everyone paying for their own health care is a fair and conservative approach, and although quite imperfect, the Affordable Health Care Act is a timid step in the right direction.

The mainstream media has done a terrible job of informing Americans on this issue!  Check out the way CNN and FOX misread a new Supreme Court decision this week, telling the entire world that the Court had voted down “Obama care.”  We know the news media is in crisis when they begin to value being first, over being correct.

Inform yourself about this issue as if your future health depends it!  WE all pay taxes for the benefit of others, but presently many of us do not have access to adequate health care.

The crucial question before us:  Is access to good health care your right as an American, or a privilege only some of us will be able to afford in the future?

BTW, all you anti-government types should experience a good old Colorado wild fire in YOUR neighborhood soon, and then tell me how much you hate “government.”  No one in my neighborhood had their own fire-suppression helicopters and planes handy, let alone those GREAT Forest Service personnel to help out in dire emergencies.

Thanks to government services my city didn’t burn!