Am I the only American who is livid about the Republican’s plan to ruin our economy and our country so they can win an election?

They seem determined to imitate the Roman Emperor Nero, they fiddle while our country burns.

And then they have the NERVE to say, “Obama just doesn’t do anything.” 

What would you do if you had a Congress like this???

I hope they know the rest of us DO get it!  We need to can the bastards! 

This is not what we elected Congress to do.  If they think they can get away with taking home those big salaries and doing NOTHING to save our country, I hope those who elected them do not return them to Congress.

Do not reinforce such childish and reprehensible behavior.  Our country needs representatives who actually care about what happens to ALL of US.

Here’s a refreshing idea: How about caring more about America than your own re-election!