It only took me about half of my life to realize that most of the world’s problems could be solved with the simple phrase: 

Today in my exercise class, somebody decided they needed to “help me” do my exercises correctly. My own immediate response was:

“Mind your own business!”

Here’s the deal, whether I exercise or how I exercise, whether I marry or decide to have an abortion, how I feel about religion, politics or any other type of personal opinion is nobody’s business but my own.

What happens in my UTERUS is most certainly ONLY my business!  That’s what’s great about America, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

And I have found this new mantra to be a great problem solver in my marriage.  Whenever I find myself arguing with my husband about ANYTHING, I ask myself:

“Could this be solved by me minding my own business?”

From my personal life to international relations, I believe we would find many more solutions by minding our own business.  Most would find that whether we decide to get married, have a baby, go to war or go to church is ALWAYS ONLY OUR BUSINESS!  I cannot imagine how it could be otherwise.

As for gay marriage, how we as a country decided that everyone has the right to get married except for “those people” is beyond me.  After all, isn’t this country supposed to be the “Land of the Free?”  I guess it has turned into the “Land of the Brave” for those who are gay.

If gays want to get married, why not?  I think they should have the same chance at being happy AND miserable as the rest of us!