After all the dust settled last week, the end result for me is that Ann Romney and I have nothing in common, except perhaps the fact that we were both born with uteri.  Oh, and we are both Aries!

I know she likes to portray herself and her life as representing that of most American women, but let’s face it, she’s hardly average compared to most of us.  To me she represents the traditional woman of our past.

Check out her bio over at Wikipedia for more information:

Private schools, converted to Mormonism for Mitt, followed him to Brigham Young, married him and then started having kids.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but not the life most of us would like our daughters to aspire to.  Her claim to fame: wife and mother.

Now compare yourself to her. Does your family make millions of dollars each year?  Are you in the top 1% in terms of annual income?  Did you have to go out and find a job/career EVER?  How does your life work when you cannot afford health insurance?  How would her life work if her husband wasn’t a millionaire and SHE couldn’t get health insurance because of her pre-existing condition? (MS)

I was raised to believe that I am responsible for supporting myself.  I get uncomfortable when anyone else supports me.  I had no children, and BTW, 20% of American women in midlife today also had none.