A few years ago I wrote a post called “Finding peace with my own productivity.”

The funny thing was, everyone went there expecting answers. I’m the Midlife Crisis Queen, not a miracle worker!

I find a great sense of humor can go a long way when setting goals in midlife.   First of all you must REMEMBER your goals once you set them.   If this is a gigantic challenge for you, don’t miss this great YOUTUBE performance about forgetting everything minutes if not seconds after it comes to you.   I find making a list sometimes works, unless of course I lose my list soon after making it!

The second important lesson in midlife is not to aim too high, or else you will be constantly disappointed.   Like this morning I decided to go easy on myself.   I set my goal as getting my hair done and a shower by noon.   Sure enough I reached my goal!

Then I turned to my midlife crisis puppy Rasta and asked him about his personal goals for the day.

His sensible reply:  “Well I need to have some water, eat a few bites of dog food, and then take a poop sometime this morning.  But napping will be my primary objective…”   See how ridiculous we must look to our dogs?   Rushing around worried about how productive we are being 24/7.

While we’re on the subject, I completely envy my dog’s inability to comprehend the constant danger we all live with everyday.

Just this morning I tried to explain radiation poisoning to him. He listened for a second or two, and then ran to get his junior tough ball.

Way to go Rasta!   Keeping it all in perspective!