OK, I’m struggling so hard to not go on a total rant, when I happened to glance at the latest issue of AARP Magazine, which sent me right over the top!

On the cover is a photo of Meredith Vieira and her husband with the catchy title: “Stronger Together: How they find joy while coping with chronic illness.”

My response to Meredith: “Being a millionaire a few times over must be awfully helpful while finding joy OR coping with chronic illness.”

I have always enjoyed the TV personality Meredith Vieira, but my immediate gut reaction to seeing her there, telling ME how to “find joy while coping with chronic illness” is something along the lines of F*** YOU!

Here’s some background:  My husband suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and has off and on for over twenty years now, since his service in the Navy back in the 1980s.   He lost his job in October while on disability, but his disability insurance company now refuses to pay, because they don’t believe he’s disabled.   Since he cannot apply for unemployment either, we are now living on thin air, plus my modest income from my writing.

This is what drives me NUTS about the mainstream media.  Much like that show OPRAH had a few years ago which supposedly dealt with midlife crisis, these celebrities live in their billionaire bubbles without a clue about what is happening in the world around them.   Chances are Meredith and my own experience of living with a husband with a chronic illness is not comparable.  I would trade with her any day!   But she is being paid big bucks to share with us how difficult her life is.

It looks to me like this next election will focus on class differences in the U.S.  

To that I say, “BRING IT ON!”