I am pleased to say, the only real “rant” I have received in my almost four years of maintaining the Midlife Crisis Queen blog, was from an irate youngster (apparently under age 35) who literally hates the Baby Boomers because we are “fat, lazy slobs” who are stealing their future by [eventually] receiving benefits like Social Security and Medicare.  He wishes we’d “all die and get out of his way!”    I have heard others accuse the Baby Boomers of being the root of our present economic problems.

To them I would quote the follow statistics from the Labor Department:  “The number of working US residents age 55 and up expanded by 2 million, or nearly 8 percent, between December 2007 and December 2010, while the number of younger workers, ages 16 to 24, fell by nearly 3 million, or about 13 percent.  Employment among 25- to 54-year-old workers also fell by 6.5 million, or about 6.5 percent.”

It seems we Boomer slobs are actually keeping the country going while the youngsters play with their electronic devices.   Why?  Because the Boomers are those with a strong work ethic, math and technical skills and a willingness to work long and hard to make a living.  Have you heard about the Baby Boomer Brain Drain yet?    What happens when those of us with the skills and experience all quit?  We will soon find out.

Would you like some real life proof?   A colleague is the CEO of a small company who hired those in their thirties at first.   Then she ran into a few problems with younger employees.   First of all they literally cried when they learned they would have to “actually come to work at 8AM!”   Then they tried to take over the company on the company e-mail service.   Yes, they were quite a brilliant bunch.   She finally decided to fire them all and start hiring older workers, because they had an actual honest work ethic.   They wanted to come to work, and believed in the work they were doing.  They wanted to do a great job.

There is no question in my mind that there are huge differences between the various generations in the U.S. workforce today.   When I last worked at a university library, we had to fire a number of student workers because they simply would not call in if they were not coming to work that day.

I told my last boss to call the police department if I didn’t arrive at work and had not called in explaining my absence.   I would have to be dead or greatly incapacitated to NOT call in, when I needed to miss work.

There’s your generational differences in a nutshell…