I really cannot miss this opportunity to comment on the fiasco going on among the Republican candidates for president and the Republican leadership.

Mitt Romney Romney started out his career in the management consulting business, which led to a position at Bain & Company, where he eventually served as CEO and brought the company out of crisis.   He was co-founder and head of the spin-off company Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm that became highly profitable and one of the largest such firms in the nation.

In other words Mitt is a good capitalist.  He makes 23 million a year and only pays 15% on his taxes!  It’s working for him…

Now Newt and other candidates have begun criticizing him for being, I guess, too good of a capitalist.   Mitt did what capitalist do best, take advantage of whomever they must to make more money.  And the rest of the Republican leadership is telling them to cool it because word may get out how good Republican capitalists take advantage of the rest of us to promote their own profit margin.

Capitalism is the slippery slope which has led to most of our economic problems in the U.S. today.   At first in U.S. history, it was the simple problem of moving industries around the state or country to find the lowest labor costs and the easiest regulations to get around so that production would be competitive, in other words, as inexpensive as possible.

Today businesses look worldwide for the cheapest labor markets with little worker protection, and generally this is not found in our country.   It’s in China, Malaysia, and India.  Globalization and capitalism has quickly led to the “outsourcing” of millions of previously American jobs.

So is capitalism only good when it takes advantage of American workers?   Capitalists are smart.  They know how to find the cheapest labor markets.   And the minute production is cheaper elsewhere, they move their factories to some other country.   Most of us know this if we have worked in manufacturing.   Many have lost jobs for this exact reason.

The word is out.  Mitt was raised in the management class.   He was also raised Mormon, a religion that promotes good old American capitalism.   I wonder why drawing attention to these facts is making the Republican leadership uncomfortable.