OK, we’ve all known men like NEWT, although his total package unattractiveness makes him seem less likely to be so in demand among women.   I mean have you taken a good look at this guy lately?   He’s easily 70 pounds overweight, and definitely the ODD man out in the attractive factor among the present Republican candidates for president, hands down!

The real question is, why do evangelicals find his philandering so attractive? Perhaps the truth among evangelicals is they like men who take charge and decide to collect a harem around them, but I thought that was a centuries-old Mormon tradition.

BUT, I digress.   I would like to be the first ex-wife on the Internet to propose that we all start a political movement called:  EX-WIVES AGAINST NEWT!

Do any of you have a tiny bit of anger and bitterness left over from the day your husband traded you in on the new and improved model?   You know, a trophy wife like Callista, who worships his every move?  Only in this case, Callista’s smile and hair is as stiff as a trophy too!

If there truly is anything to karma, I figure just the combined anger of all of the ex-wives in America could blow Newt right off the planet!

Come on!  Get politically active finally and buy my soon to be produced bumper sticker: